Spatial Diffuser and LCR


On-Wall Suono 100SD and 600SD employ side firing tweeters, which accounts for the Spatial Diffuser. This innovative design improves a performance of a loudspeaker, resulting in defined enjoyable sound reproduction, whether ambient or direct.

In addition to Spatial Diffuser the Suono 600SD offers another unique feature – three channels (LCR) built into two speakers. This design creates Stereophonic Centre Channel effect. Excellent sound reproduction with modern style, making a wide screen TV panel look complete. If there is no room for mounting a centre channel, the Suono 600SD is the perfect choice!

Spatial Difusser and Toggle Switch


In addition to Spatial Difusser technology Suono 100SD offers a toggle switch hidden with the speakers terminals allowing 6-decibel cut in the level of the front tweeter. This is an additional control for a sound system. Suono 100SD is designed for applications that require unobtrusive audio. Perfect as a surround speaker.

VECTRAN – a new science

Thermoplastic multifilament yarn spun from liquid crystal polymer (LCP). VECTRAN is the only commercially available melt spun LCP fibre in the world. Pound for pound, VECTRAN is 5 times stronger than steel and 10 times stronger than aluminum. When combined with acrylic fibres, loudspeaker cones have outstanding stiffness, are very light, have high internal dampening, are extremely moisture resistant, have a more even frequency response, with reduced distortion and a more controlled roll off. This results in an exemplary loudspeaker.

Science and fact……..NOT FICTION.

Inverted Dust Caps


Ambienti loudspeakers do not have a conventional ‘dust cap’. Instead we employ a computer engineered, rigid, inverted dust cap. The primary purpose of a dust cap is to keep dust and small matter from entering the voice coil gap. Our engineers have found that inverting the cap and making it of a rigid thermo plastic extends the low end frequency response and adds to the control of the woofer. The cone is now stiffer which reduces cone break up and distortion. We employ this science in our Obbligato Series and carried it over to the Ambienti Series with great results.

High-Performance Crossover Design


We employ the best quality polypropylene capacitors that optimize our finely tuned cross-over network. All components are secured to the glass epoxy board using the best adhesives that ensure a lifetime of optimum performance. Like all Angstrom Loudspeakers, the Ambienti in-ceiling and in-wall speakers are internally wired with Atmos-Air Cable from Germany.

Hi Quality Speaker Terminals


Our Gold-Plated terminals are spring-loaded and designed for large capacity (up to 12 gauge) cable. This allows quick and secure speaker connection. Ambienti speakers feature top quality trim rings and hardware that create the most rigid installation possible.

Ribbed Baffles


Ambienti’s ribbed baffle design creates an extremely strong, inflexible platform for our drivers. This design eliminates both ‘baffle run on’ and ‘baffle flexing’. The three dimensional soundstage is preserved and the sound is not smeared or distorted.

Soft Dome Pivoting Tweeters


All Ambienti loudspeakers feature pivoting soft dome tweeters for optimum high frequency performance. Soft Dome tweeters help produce a smoother, less harsh output than many other tweeter designs

Our Approach to Design

After the amplifier, there are three complex systems working together to create a musical experience. These are: the loudspeaker, the listening environment and the listener.

Smooth Directivity

Loudspeakers radiate sound in all directions which arrives at the ear both directly and indirectly.

Tonal Balance

Angstrom loudspeakers have achieved a very even tonal balance without sacrificing efficiency and power handling

Installation Guide

Angstrom System Design & Installation Guide