A Spacial Image Recovery System Striving to be better

To take advantage of the newest technologies in Audio, Home Theatre, Dolby Digital, DTS, Dolby Pro Logic II and DVD, you must invest in a loudspeaker system capable of recreating the spectacular "spacial image" that the recording engineers intended.

The weakest link has always been the loudspeaker - until now. Angstrom engineers have solved the problem. Angstrom's commitment to designing unprecedented functionality created the third series of the TRINITY PROJECT, the new SERIES III, spacial image recovery loudspeakers.

Simply stated, "A no compromise design equals stunning performance".


A unique product line comprised of front/rear, dipole surround & center channel loud-speakers. A truly impressive 100 watt RMS self powered low frequency transducer completes this exceptional package.

Gone are the huge monolith loudspeaker cabinets of the past. Angstrom's compact TRIANGULAR design is easily integrated into your environment. For added flexibility the loudspeakers may be placed on shelves, on optional stands or even wall mounted.

To complement our unique triangular designs we developed a new self powered low frequency transducer (commonly and erroneously) refered to as a sub woofer. This new loudspeaker, the ALFT-12, with a full discrete output stage has enough power to bring sonic reality to levels you have never experienced before.




All 3 front/rear loudspeakers and our dipoles are magnetically shielded for ease of placement
near a television & are identical in driver configuration for a tonally accurate balance.

Trilateral cabinet sides eliminate internal standing wave distortion phenomena

The narrow cabinet face 7 wide driver dispersion characteristics dramatically contribute to
truer imaging and detail through an enlarged listening area

True 8 ohm Impedance loads are safe and easy to drive for low cost electronics

The result...spacial image recovery reproduction, for incredible sonic realism


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