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A0 209 Surround Speaker

available in Black and Cherry

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Surround sound decoders provide ambient surround effects to the rear channels. The speaker used to replay this information should not in themselves be obvious sources of sound. Dipolar and bipolar loudspeakers deliberately disperse the sound such that it isn't easy to locate the sound source.

In a Dipolar loudspeaker the two sets of speakers are out-of-phase with each other, i.e. the drivers on one side push as the other side are pulling. There is then a 'dead zone' of sound in the area directly along a line at 90 degrees to the speaker - sonically highly desirable, as it surrounds the listener, yet the source of the sound is undetectable. If they can be set up on either side of the listening position the dipolar configuration will give very open rear effects imaging without the speakers drawing attention to themselves.

In a Bipolar loudspeaker the two sets of speakers are in phase with each other, both sides pushing air at the same time and giving a slightly greater output where the Dipolar speaker's dead zone would be. In fact, a bipolar speaker disperses sound through almost 360 degrees, which helps if the surround speakers are to be used behind (or anywhere other than level with) the listening position.

The new Angstrom Omega II surround speaker is switch-able between Dipole and Bipole operation.

Based on the drivers, configuration and voicing of the A0 201, the A0 209 surround speaker is switch-able between dipolar and bipolar operation. In either mode it gives a diffuse but tonally even and extremely dynamic presentation of surround effects.








6 ohms

89 dB/W
Drive units



100mm x 2 glass fibre
25mm x 2 fabric dome
Power handling

Frequency Range

65 Hz - 22 KHz
Weight (kg)

5.0 kg
Weight (lb)

11.0 lb
Dimensions (H
x W x D) cm.

26.2 x 15.4 x 25.8
Dimensions (H
x W x D) in.

10.3 x 6.06 x 10.16


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