The Magic Comes From Within

A: Aluminum tweeters are laminated With Mylar and Polycarbonate to Ensure exceptional power handling, Wide dispersion and low distortion

B: Front baffles are constructed from 19mm MDF. This rigid baffle is specially machined to eliminate surface vibrations and diffraction

C: Heavy 1.54 kg woofers, injected Polypropylene loaded with beryllium Copper have "shorted pole pieces Eliminating magnetic eddy currents To produce clean, low bass and Detailed midrange

D: Every cabinet is "damped" with 2" Fiberglass to eliminate resonance And internal reflections

E: Computer optimized networks with 1% tolerance non-standard value components ensure the flattest frequency and power response

F: Tuned flared ports reduce turbulence Eliminating "port noise"



The first most important criterion for sonic realism is ACCURATE TONAL BALANCE.
Loudspeakers radiate sound in all directions. The sound arrives at the ear both directly and indirectly. Most quality loudspeakers are designed so that the sound radiated directly forward accurately represents the electrical signal being fed to them by the amplifier. This characteristic
is known as FLAT ON-AXIS FREQUENCY RESPONDE. It is important that this signal be flat
because it reaches the listener first, directly and with the most intensity.

Sound radiating at other angles from the loudspeaker (indirect sound) also reaches the listener
as it is reflected from the room boundaries (floors, walls, ceilings) as well as other objects in the room. The sum total of this information becomes the reverberant sound field. It is critical that this sound field also be flat. A loudspeaker with the ability to produce a flat reverberant sound field is said to have a FLAT MID-BAND POWER RESPONSE. Measurement of a loudspeaker's POWER RESPONSE is time-consuming, as hundreds of measurements must be made and averaged.
Most loudspeaker companies ignore this absolutely critical aspect of loudspeaker design. It is
the combination of the on-axis frequency response and power response that gives a loudspeaker its TONAL BALANCE.

The Angstrom OMEGA Series shows its pedigree by the careful optimization of the on-axis response the power response. Both are smooth and flat through the critical regions and the resulting loudspeakers are more tonally accurate, able to reproduce all types of programme material with detailed, convincing realism.


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