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Handcrafted Canadian excellence!

Any loudspeaker system that incorporates a low frequency driver in the same enclosure is an immediate compromise in acoustic design. Interference by the woofer on the overall performance of the tweeter and midrange drivers can never be overcome. Endless experiments by our own engineers to eliminate this problem has confirmed the fact that we must remove the low frequency driver and place it in a separate enclosure. This eliminates the problem of mechanical resonance or feedback to the other drivers in the system.

The listening environment poses the largest problem for the reproduction of wide band audio information. Below 50Hz, with contemporary Hi Fi gear, in an average room, the lower frequencies just fade away. They disappear. This is due to the physical limitations of the low frequency driver to develop a similar acoustic output as the other drivers in the system and of course the room itself. The low frequency driver requires much more power to achieve the same output as the mid range or tweeter units. This is an impossible task for the amplifier that is driving the system. Angstrom engineers solved this problem by adding an amplifier to power the low frequency section and designing an entirely new low frequency transducer. The added flexibility of our multi loudspeaker design ensures a totally integrated sound presence in the listening room.




When either versi
on of the Obbligato II is used with the Profondo or Forza, an exceptional sonic experience awaits the listener. With 2 Profondos or 2 Forzas, as we advise, the experience is beyond imagination. There is no compromise in the design or execution.

The Obbligato Series is a handcrafted Canadian work of audio art. Cabinets of beautiful hardwoods and Canadian cherry. Over built and over engineered!

The Obbligato Series Loudspeakers are covered by a 7-year "No-questions-asked" parts and labour warranty. We guarantee the quality, performance and durability of our products.


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