Obbligato Series: The Pochetto II

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Crafted in Canadian cherry hardwood and veneers, the Pochetto II is a formidable loudspeaker. A pair of Pochetto’s can be used alone in a two channel stereo system, as rear channel loudspeakers in a home theatre system, and in conjunction with our low frequency transducers.

The 112mm glass fibre “pentacone” provides up to 40% greater excursion than conventional cones.

The driver is double vented and uses a vented voice coil former. This allows the Pochetto II to handle incredible dynamic range and power without fatigue or break up.

The Pochetto II tweeter operates without distortion beyond the threshold of human hearing, extending to over 25Khz. It is a 19mm woven silk dome tweeter from Vifa in Denmark.







6 ohms
1m 2.83V pink noise,
C weighting
85 dB
1m 2.83V pink noise,
C weighting
30˚ off-axis
83.4 dB
Frequency Response

54 Hz - 22 KHz
Weight (kg)
7 kg
Weight (lb)
15.4 lb
Dimensions (H
x W x D) cm.
30.5 x 17.8 x 27.3
Dimensions (H
x W x D) in.
12.0 x 7.0 x 10.75


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