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The Libretto Centre Channel loudspeakers offer the ultimate in centre channel performance. It employs two 5” Pentacone™ woofers, one 1” silk dome tweeter and one 4” Mini Mid range Coupler. The 5” woofer and Mini Mid are our own design and the cones have a patented glass fibre weave. The cones are actually 5 sided. Hence, the name, Pentacone™. The cone design lowers resonance in the critical “mid-range” region, 160Hz-1280Hz. The baskets are cast magnesium with pole venting. A butylized Meuller surround of varying thickness further reduces resonance and is an integral part of the design. This allows for a smooth transition from the woofer to our Mini Mid.

The 1” tweeter is a masterpiece from Denmark. The 26mm coated diaphragm is made of fabric and silk. It has a neodymium motor, a copper clad aluminum voice coil and has a vented rear chamber. The tweeter has an aluminum phase plug. This design permits improved sensitivity allowing the tweeter to act as a perfect piston beyond 23KHz. The frequency response of this tweeter actually extends beyond 46KHz. Dispersion and power handling are excellent.

Conventional centre channel designs, a single tweeter between 2 woofers, generally exhibit poor off-axis dispersion. Output is often sown more than 8db at 30 degrees. The Libretto’s unique off-axis design virtually eliminates this problem. At 30 degrees off- axis, output is less than 1.5db. we have added an adjustable “presence control” to the crossover design. Output from 300Hz to 3000Hz may be reduced up to 8db . this adjustment allows for perfect matching to the characteristics of any listening room. being able to alter the output has another distinct advantage: the user can alter the loudspeaker’s “power response”. This is extremely important if the Libretto is to be used with any other brand of loudspeaker.








4 ohms

1m 2.83V pink noise,
C weighting

88 dB

1m 2.83V pink noise,
C weighting
30˚ off-axis

86.7 dB

Frequency Response

85 Hz - 30 KHz

Weight (kg)

15 kg

Weight (lb)

33.5 lbs
Dimensions (H
x W x D) cm.
19.0 x 59.3 x 29.4
Dimensions (H
x W x D) in.
7 5/8 x 23 3/8 x 12.0


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