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The Obbligato IIís rock solid cabinet houses 2 115mm mid range drivers and a 28mm ScanSpeak tweeter. The mid range drivers have glass fibre pentacones and cast magnesium baskets with pole venting. The cabinets contain a measured lining of Roxul. Roxul actually creates thousands of tiny, air filled, interconnected voids, which, in effect, trap reverberated sound inside them. This results in a uniquely tuned cabinet that presents little backpressure to the drivers inside.

The cabinet is angled at 7 degrees and has no right angles thus eliminating internal standing waves. We recommend that the Obbligato II be placed on a 60cm mass loaded stand. It should be bi-wired for optimum performance and is internally wired with copper and silver ATMOS AIR cable from Germany. We manufacture a floor standing version of the Obbligato II with Beech wood, Padouk and Ebony inlay from the original Obbligato.








4 ohms
1m 2.83V pink noise,
C weighting
86 dB
1m 2.83V pink noise,
C weighting
30˚ off-axis

84 dB

Frequency Response

46 Hz - 30 KHz
Weight (kg)

10.7 kg
Weight (lb)

23.5 lb
Dimensions (H
x W x D) cm.

50.8 x 17.8 x 29.4
Dimensions (H
x W x D) in.

20.0 x 7.0 x 12.0


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