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Loudspeakers suffer from a phenomenon called “Cabinet and baffle run on”. Cabinets vibrate or resonate as the drivers move from the electrical signal. This smears and distorts the sound. Our tri-composite cabinet with off angle and double window braces eliminate this problem.

The cherry cabinets are constructed of 2cm mdf and bonded to 2cm 13 ply Baltic Birch plywood. The cabinet is a tri-composite, mass loaded component. Angstrom engineers found that when they bonded 2cm mdf to 2 cm Baltic Birch, outstanding acoustic properties were achieved.

The bonding agent, a resonance isolation barrier, is very special; it will never crack or craze; it will never harden or become brittle; it does not expand or contract. It is a superb damping material. The opposing resonances of the MDF and the Baltic Birch are, in effect, cancelled by the isolation barrier.

All Obbligato Series loudspeakers have the same resonance reduced cabinet construction.








4 ohms
1m 2.83V pink noise,
C weighting
86 dB
1m 2.83V pink noise,
C weighting
30˚ off-axis
84 dB
Frequency Response

39 Hz - 30 KHz
Weight (kg)
23.0 kg
Weight (lb)
51.0 lb
Dimensions (H
x W x D) cm.
105.4 x 17.8 x 50.8
Dimensions (H
x W x D) in.
41.5 x 7.0 x 20.0


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