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- constructed from superior grade 19 mm MDF

- front baffle boards made of superior ranger grade 25 mm MDF, covered with a special LAMINEERª coating to eliminate baffle run-on and resonance

- the LAMINEERª finish is a powder coating process for MDF. The result is a hard finish that will last virtually forever.

- all models are available in Black Ash or Light Markham Maple


- new fibre glass, Pentacone, 112mm woofers with NRSC (non-resonant system coupling) designed in collaboration with Vifa Loudspeakers of Denmark

- five-sided, glass, ultra-light, rigid cones designed to greatly reduce resonance much better than conventional designs particularly in the critical mid-band region providing 30% to 40% greater excursion than other similarly sized drivers

- double-vented basket and a vented voice coil former with a butylized rubber surround designed to operate under extreme conditions, thus enabling the loudspeaker to handle incredible dynamic range and power without fatigue

- drivers are magnetically shielded for use in multi-media applications

- spectacular 19 mm woven silk dome tweeter from Vifa, operating without distortion to beyond the threshold of human hearing, extending above 25 KHz with exceptional accuracy

- ferro fluid cooled with excellent off axis response


- 1ST. and 2ND. order Butterworth designs

- polypropylene capacitors with 24 carat gold plating

- air core inductors with non-inductive resistors


The Modular EIGHT and TEN i are the foundations that convert either the models TWO, THREE or FOUR to true 3-way loudspeaker systems. When used with the model FOURTEEN Modifier, they become the base driver in a 3-piece audio system. They may be used as a 'sub woofer' in home theatre applications. The EIGHT is also a stand for the model TWO, THREE or FOUR.

Powered by a 115 watt RMS, analogue, class a/b amplifier with discreet outputs and a high current power supply. Many of the current crop of 'sub woofer' manufacturers use a low input sensitivity and over-rate the power output of their products. Their products are always in 'soft clipping'. Soft clipping is an industry term used to describe distortion. In fact, they are over-driven into distortion most of the time. When an amplifier exceeds it's maximum output the amplified sine wave is 'cut off' or 'clipped'. The sound is harsh and boomy and gives the consumer the impression of "loudness and power". The product sounds louder in the store, but is seldom satisfying when used at home. With either the Angstrom Modular EIGHT or TEN i there is no such problem.

The Angstrom amplifiers operate at less than 25% of their output capacity and they are never worked beyond their SOA (safe operating area). The customer is guaranteed a product that performs beyond the specifications not below them.

Angstrom uses Darlington output devices designed and manufactured by Texas Instruments. Better parts translate directly to better sound. Both the Modular EIGHT and TEN i include:

- 5-way gold plated binding posts
- gold-plated phono jacks
- 180 degree phase switch
- Late Night Theatre switch that gives a 6db boost at 45Hz
- continually variable crossover from 50Hz to 180Hz

The model EIGHT has a made in Canada 20.4 cm side-firing woofer, mounted to a reinforced baffle in a triple chambered, acoustic suspension cabinet, damped with ROXUL and with two 19 mm open air braces. The unique columner design solves many placement problems

The model TEN i is ISOBARIC in design with 2 polymer coated 25.5 cm woofers and ROXUL damped.



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