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Angstrom Debuts Ambienti™ In-Wall Loudspeakers At CEDIA

A Sonic Atmosphere That Is Virtually Invisible

Markham, Ontario Canada  |  July 18, 2005

Angstrom Loudspeakers today announced the latest breakthrough product in their line of loudspeakers…Ambienti™ In-Wall Loudspeakers with Vectran™.

“The Ambienti™ line was created after our market research determined dealer/installers and end user consumers want in-wall loudspeakers that are virtually unseen,” said Tony Gray, President of Angstrom Loudspeakers. He continued, “Of course, unseen is not enough. In-walls also have to be tonally accurate. That’s a tall order, but one we knew we had to fill.”

“The Ambienti™ line utilizes extraordinary breakthrough science for the best sound reproduction for in-walls today. The secret is Vectran™, a high performance thermoplastic multifilament yarn spun from liquid crystal polymer.”

Pound for pound, Vectran™ is five times stronger than steel and 10 times stronger than aluminum. When combined with acrylic fibers, Vectran™ loudspeaker cones have outstanding stiffness, have high internal dampening, are very tight and resist moisture.

Feature and Specification Quick Facts:

• Virtually invisible, elegantly designed grills

• Tonally accurate

• Utilize new drivers with Vectran™ cones

• Carefully engineered to have the same sonic signature for uniform and coherent sound

• Ambienti™ loudspeakers employ contour switches to allow for critical adjustments to the mid and high frequency ranges after wall mounting

• IR receiver is included in the design of every rectangular Ambienti™ loudspeaker

• Soft dome pivoting tweeters made from “Teteron” and voice coils cooled with Fero liquid to increase loudspeaker life and increase power handling

• Gold plated connections

• Simple but very effective mounting system


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Angstrom Loudspeakers, a leading manufacturer of loudspeakers, is based in Markham, Ontario Canada.

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