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Angstrom Loudspeakers Launches New Illusion Series On-Wall Loudspeakers

Angstrom Markham, Ontario Canada  |  January 5, 2006

Angstrom Loudspeakers today announced the launch of their brand new Illusion line of loudspeakers.

Angstrom Loudspeakers understands that there is intrinsic merit to using room boundary properties to produce better sound quality by putting the room to work for the listener, rather than the other way around. This approach, first pioneered by the legendary Roy Allison, has resulted in an evolving range of flat panel, on-wall and near wall designs. Now, with the emergence of flat panel and thin profile rear projection television, the Illusion Series is poised to break out in a big way.

According the Angstrom Loudspeakers President Tony Gray, “The brand-new Illusion range of aluminum on-wall and near-wall speakers possess a balance and rightness to their designs that is rare. They simply look ‘right.’ And while other manufacturers stumble about trying to apply commonly derived speaker design principles to a new type of speaker application, our engineers understand that near and on-wall designs require unique circuitry and drivers to work optimally in what can be a difficult environment.”

Continuing, he said “Illusion includes two main speaker models and a single matching center channel. Each of these includes a wall-mounting bracket. An optional stand provides floor standing placement in close proximity to, for example, a rear projection display. All Illusion models are inherently self-shielding and utilize patented neodymium ring magnets. For extraordinary sound that takes room characteristics and architecture into account, consumers must check out the new Angstrom Loudspeakers Illusion line available now.


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