On the nature of the beast

After the amplifier, there are three complex systems working together to create a musical experience. These are: the loudspeaker, the listening environment and the listener....an electro-acoustic source, and acoustic space and a psycho-acoustic receiver.

A successful loudspeaker design must address the needs of all three.

Unfortunately, the listener and the listening room and their inter relationships are not easily understood. Most manufacturers ignore these fundamental aspects of loudspeaker design. Or they specify the listener's seating position, the type of room required, or the placement of the speakers.

Angstrom does not believe that the listener's behaviour and listening room design should be dictated by loudspeaker designers. Rather, the resulting loudspeakers design must satisfy the listener while accounting for the fact that loudspeakers are played in a wide variety of rooms. The design of Angstrom loudspeakers draws on original scientific research into these relationships. Careful, in-depth analysis of the manner in which loudspeakers present musical signals to the listener has allowed Angstrom to offer loudspeakers whose performance is extraordinarily convincing to any listener in almost any room.

Of course, using the best components, materials and construction techniques is fundamental to building a high performance loudspeaker system. But it is the strict adherence to certain electro-acoustic parameters that allows Angstrom loudspeakers to fulfill the goal.



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