On the ancient history of Angstrom

Angstrom Acoustic Laboratories was founded in 1978 with the sole purpose to design and produce high quality loudspeakers. Since its inception, Angstrom has utilized the Canadian Research Councilís acoustic testing facilities in Ottawa. This made Angstrom one of the first loudspeaker companies in North America to use scientific basis for the design and development of loudspeakers. The National Research Councilís achievements in the field of audio are well known, as the principles developed there have resulted in many advances in loudspeaker design.

Today Angstrom Loudspeakers remains a privately held company, owned and operated by one of most recognized and enthusiastic leaders in the Canadian Audio Industry. The company is fully dedicated to the design and development of loudspeakers of the highest quality and value. To assist in achieving our goals, we designed and developed a one of a kind sound room, which, by all standards of audio measurement, offers the perfect environment for testing and developing loudspeakers. Here we test all the details, from cabinet and crossover design, to internal wiring, driver design and performance, imaging and loudspeaker efficiency. Angstrom Loudspeakers are designed, tested and produced to offer you the greatest sound reproduction possible!

Angstrom Loudspeakers has applied its years of research and proven experience to develop a wide range of loudspeaker solutions to meet the demands of todayís consumer. Our full line of products includes On-Wall and In-Wall loudspeakers, both offering unparalleled performance and value.

If youíre in pursuit of unmatched sound reproduction, we invite you to listen to Angstrom Loudspeakers. Our years of research, design, testing and pursuit of excellence will create an amazing sonic impression that you will enjoy for many years.



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